Ear Cleaner Wax Removal Cleaning Tool

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Ear Cleaner Wax Removal Cleaning Tool 

Introducing the new Ear Cleaner Wax Removal which provides a safe and effective way to clean and dry your ears! The Ear Cleaner Wax Removal is easy and gentle suction. You can attach the Ear Cleaner Wax Removal silicone tip and insert in ear. Cotton swabs push wax and debris further into the ear, which can damage the eardrums. It is a powerful device yet gentle and features an examining light on the tip which provides additional visibility while cleaning and is cordless.

With this new Ear Cleaner Wax Removal, it draws dirt particles and moisture out of the ear without causing damage. Ear Cleaner Wax Removal has safety guard feature to prevent the tip from entering too far into the ear canal. Ear Cleaner Wax Removal also dissembles quickly for cleaning.

Ear Cleaner Wax Removal is convenient at home professional vacuum that keeps your ears clean without pocking and damaging your inner ear. It is safe and lightweight effective and great for children that help cleans the fluid and soft wax after bath or swimming.

The silicon’s head and the filter have to be washed with soaped water. The hygienic nozzle must always be used when using the product. With this Ear Cleaner Wax Removal, it has the gentle way to remove ear wax, It also reduces the risk of painful infections and makes it comfortable to use.

The Ear Cleaner Wax Removal silicone head must be plugged on to have a comfortable and secure use. You should use the unit on healthy ears without any trouble. This includes the washable silicon tips. Ear Cleaner Wax Removal  can be disassembled for fast thorough cleaning, It requires 2 “AA” batteries

Features of Ear Cleaner Wax Removal:

  • It’s suitable for baby, safe and convenient
  • Easily remove ear wax and dirt from ears without pain
  • Includes safety guard prevents the tip from entering too far
  • Gentle suction draws dirt particles and water from the ear
  • Features “examining light” on the tip
  • Portable design makes it easy to take with you.
  • Includes 4 silicone tips that provide comfort during use


  • Within 2 AA batteries
  • Weight: 0.13kg
  • With 4PCS silicone head, and a small brush
  • With a LED light on the back
  • Size: 110*125mm
  • Material: silicone+ABS


Step 1: Open the battery cover at the bottom and install 2xAA size batteries then close the cover.
Step 2: Put the silicon ear plug on the tube of the unit, and ensure that it is fixed firmly on the tube.
Step 3: Switch on the unit and the motor should come on, then you will hear the sound of the motor running.
Step 4: Then gently insert the tube into the ear and slightly turn in order to draw out any ear wax.

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