Rose Bear With Free Gift Box 40cm

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color: 40cm (Red+Box)
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A Rose Bear That Captures Your Heart

Rose Bear with Heart
Extra special rose bear with heart for finer handmade roses and an additional feature of a heart.
Rose Bear is a bear that can last for decades, maintaining it's quality colour and staying waterproof. Compared to our standard rose bear, you can mix and match colours.
You're here because you want to send a great surprise to someone. The Rose Bear is a fantastic gift that passes on the expression of your love and thoughts to another! No matter how far away they are. All achieved from your cute handmade buddy.

Why Rose Bear With Heart?

❤️  Decorative quality, faux roses.
❤️  Ultra-soft feel, waterproof and durable.
❤️  More stylish and creative with the option to mix colours.
❤️  Handmade, petals can be restored after being squeezed.

Gift Box (FREE)

 All our bears come in  a Free gift box. Please select the bear you would like from the drop-down menu, then add to cart. 

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