Teeth Cleaning Ring Pet Dog Chew Toy - Dog Chews Store Teeth Cleaning Ring Pet Dog Chew Toy - Dog Chews Store
Teeth Cleaning Ring Pet Dog Chew Toy from £14.99 £14.99
Nobody likes being bored or anxious...including your pet! Keep your pet constantly entertained with our Teeth Cleaning Ring Chew Toy. Is your pawsome pet full of energy? Does your furry friend constantly seek attention? Do you struggle to find time to get on with your day? Our Teeth Cleaning Ring Chew Toy is the perfect way to keep your dog happy, healthy, exercised, and occupied for hours on end, allowing you the time to do things that are important to you. Features The is highly durable, allowing your dog to comfortably grip the ring while cleaning their teeth at the same time Chewing provides mental stimulation and endless entertainment which helps reduce destructive behaviour and separation anxiety The smart and safe design of the toy allows your dog to play unsupervised Made of a durable and non-toxic and water resistant rubber material The design of the chew toy promotes good health by encouraging exercise and muscle growth Easy to clean Specifications Dimensions:  Diameter: 9cm Width: 2cm Colours: Blue, Pink, Yellow Please note: the colour of the toy may slightly vary due to screen settings.
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PresentPet™ Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper - Red / S - Pet PresentPet™ Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper - Pet
Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clippers £24.99 £39.99
Our Londons Original™ Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper is guaranteed to be the last set of clippers you will need to effectively and safely cut your dog's nails with ease! It also comes with a free nail file, the perfect combination to ensure an amazing grooming session.   NON-SLIP HANDLE - One does not need excessive hand strength to operate these clippers. This is because of its handles which are well shaped to comfortably fit your fingers. The anti-slip rubber coating makes a super-tight and tiring holding grip not necessary. What you need is simply a normal grasp as you add apply pressure worrying not about sliding, slipping or hurting your dog  EASY TO USE - With the pet nail clipper firmly in your hand, unlock the safety latch and then simply trim the nails to a healthy & comfortable length.  SHARP BLADE EDGES - It only takes a gentle squeeze to cut the nail. This promotes precise cutting for comfort and health. It also makes you trim faster with little effort and produce smooth edges, therefore, preventing damage to your furniture and floors. With its high-grade stainless steel holding the sharp edge, clipping your dog's nails is effortless and never scary for you as well as your pet. It also comes with a nail file in the package to allow you to polish sharp nails to perfection.  HIGH-QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL - It is made of top-grade stainless steel therefore very durable. It is for this reason that these clippers don't rust, scratch or bend. These blades stay sharp always!  EFFECTIVE CUTTING - Its semi-circular blades enable you to make safe and precise cuts. When your dog's nail rests in these blades, you precisely see where you are cutting. No guesswork. It's designed for medium and large dogs and cats. Size Guide:  30-DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE ✅ Buy with complete confidence! If you purchase one of our products and either do not like it, can't find a way to install it, or find it defective in any manner, simply return it and send it back for a full refund.
Self-Warming Lounger™ - paw pals shop Self-Warming Lounger™ - paw pals shop
Self-Warming Lounger™ from £89.99 £99.99
  Self-Warming...Surely not?! Impossible! Yes! It's not impossible, as we present the Self-Warming Lounger™ The self-warming dog bed works by incorporating a layer of insulating material into the cushion of the bed. This material works by reflecting body heat that is emitted from your dog’s body back to them to keep them warm!  ✓ Improved circulation -  promotes healing of injuries in dogs as nutrients are delivered to the body much more quickly. ✓ Stable body temperature - for dogs that are recovering from being in a neglected physical condition and young pups. ✓ Soothing experience - promoting muscle relaxation and an all-round inducing sleep. ✓ Added warmth - in cooler climates or simply during winter time without the need for dangerous power outlets and cords. ✓ Increased warmth without any danger - burns that can result from the use of electrically heated pet beds. ✓ Warmer joints mean more flexible joints - less stiffness during colder weather. Size Guide: Does Your Dog Need This Bed? Not every dog needs a self-warming lounger, so how do you know if your dog needs one? In our experience, this type of bed is best suited to dogs that…   Suffer from arthritis or otherwise aching joints. Live in colder climates. Experience severe separation anxiety. Are often chilled due to having hair loss, a thin coat, low body weight, thyroid conditions, being older, or being ill and unable to properly regulate their body temperature, particularly in winter or colder climates.  The Self-warming Lounger is not the same as a heated dog bed. Heated dog beds, or heating dog pads, require a power outlet to reach and maintain the desired temperature, a self-warming dog bed uses no power cord or external source of heat. Efficiency at its finest! 
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Rechargeable pet trimmer Rechargeable pet trimmer
Rechargeable pet trimmer £39.99 £99.99
How Good Does This Trimmer Really Work? Susan L. "My Pom is freaked out at the word "bath". She knows what's to follow...clipping. These produced no vibration and instead of that annoying buzzing as with other clippers, these just hummed! What had previously been a frightening experience for her has become easily manageable. She didn't have that fear of anticipation. These would have been a bargain at twice the price ...can't believe how inexpensive they are for how well they work. Saved me money ($140) already before those expensive trips to a salon. I will be looking to save over $1000 this year. They've already paid for themselves. Buy them, you won't be sorry... Plus 4 Gifts A $19.99 Value FREE!  Your pet won't even know it's on, Your phone vibration is louder than it. Watch your pet's fear of being groomed disappear!  Wireless - No Cords to get in the way anymore while grooming your pet. No need to groom next to the outlet, Now you can groom ANYTIME ANYWHERE!  4 Premium matte black Comb lengths for different sizes, giving you the control to choose how long or short you want your pets hair. Package Included: 1x Trimmer 4x Limit Combs (3-6-9-12mm) 1x Cleaning Brush 1x Lubricating Oil ​1x English Manual 1x Adapter ( We will provide a free conversion adapter according to the country you live in ) FREE GIFTS: 1x Nail Filer 1x Grooming Comb 1x Nail Clippers 1x Gromming Scissors   
Dog Pet Suppliers Dog Pet Suppliers
Quick-Drying Dog Towel from £19.99 £42.98
When your dog gets wet from swimming at the beach or running around in the rain, or even getting a bath, the best way to take care of him is with a Quick-Drying Dog Towel. Quick-drying towel and practically for dogs, these towels will absorb water from their paws and fur so that they can stay comfortable and you can rely on this towel to both hold water and dry quickly itself. Perfect for bathing, grooming and drying off your dog, this towel is the ultimate trustworthy towel to make the difference in your regular care routine. Key Benefits:  Durable enough to withstand frequent washing. Lightweight, absorbent, and fast-drying. provides an ideal way to prevent your pet from cooling after bathing or walking in the rain. It can also ensure your pet's warmest and coziness in the winter. Our pet towel is machine washable and dry-able for easy cleaning.
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Professional Pet Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer With Led Professional Pet Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer With Led
Professional Pet Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer With Led £16.95 £29.99
100% Brand new and high quality. This is the pet''s daily favourite professional trimmed pet nail clipper. LED lights allow you to see the delicate blood lines, allowing you to trim at the right position every time. When their nails are beautifully trimmed, the scratches on you, furniture, doors, and walls are reduced. With such a nail clipper, each time they go to trim, they will stick out their claws and love to trim their nails. Precision cutting blade, made of hardened steel, the blade can cut nails quickly without causing pain. Ultra-bright LED lights illuminate the exact blood lines of light-coloured nails, allowing you to trim in the right position. The magnifying glass of 5 times magnifies the nail and doubles as a nail catcher, which helps to grasp the nail clipper and facilitate cleaning.
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Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set (4pcs) - Dog Chews Store Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set (4pcs) - Dog Chews Store
Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set (4pcs) £79.99 £119.99
📦 Low Stock - Less than 10 Sets Left 📦 Does your pet's fur grow quickly? Do their eyes get blocked by fur? Does dirt get stuck on their fur? Are you constantly cleaning your dog? Do you spend a lot of money on grooming? Don't worry as we have found the perfect solution for you! Our Professional Dog Grooming Set is the perfect product to maintain your pet's fur, keep them clean and ensure they are always looking good, while saving you the cost of frequent visits to professional groomers. Features 4 piece stainless steel set with carrying case Curved scissors to ensure the safety of your pet when grooming in sensitive areas Flat scissors for quick and easy grooming of main areas Thinning scissors to finish off your grooming or to clean up in between of grooming sessions Comb to remove knots and brush out any loose fur Specifications Package Contents: 7 inch curved scissors 6 inch flat scissors 6 inch thinning scissors Comb Case Cloth Material: Stainless Steel Scissors
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Portable Dog Water Bottle & Feeder Portable Dog Water Bottle & Feeder
Portable Dog Water Bottle & Feeder £19.95 £44.99
Our Londons Original Portable Dog Water Bottle & Feeder is an easy-to-carry water container with food storage, which keeps you and your furry friends going when wondering outside, traveling, or hiking. It is the solution we have created to the dilemma pet owners come across whenever and wherever they bring their lovely furry companions!   Smart Design - Our PresentPet™ Portable Dog Water Bottle & Feeder comes in a compact design, with two compartments, which can hold both water and food, covering the essential needs of your loved pet. To make it complete, it was built for maximum portability so it comes with a free strap and it can be secured with a hanging rope or placed in any bag. The curved design makes it easy to hold whenever you're feeding your pet.  WATER CONTAINER: Comes with a capacity of 258 ml (9 oz), to keep your furbaby thirst-free during your walks or trips. FOOD STORAGE: Comes with a capacity of 200 ml (7 oz). This is perfect to keep your companion happy until you're back home. The container also makes perfect for keeping treats to make your walks more enjoyable and fun!   Easy To Clean - Each part can be separately washed, making it very convenient to clean. Simply disassemble the parts, and wash them individually.   Leak Proof - Our Dog Water Bottle is insulated completely with a 360° Silica gel seal ring making it leak-proof and convenient to carry in any bag or backpack. Built-in layers for maximum space efficiency and convenience, it can store freshwater and food efficiently for long periods of time.   Zero Waste - Created with the principles of efficiency and zero waste in mind, it features a reflowing mechanism that is easily controlled from the smart-switch. You have full control of the amount of water that is pouring in the bowl. And if there is any water left you can simply let it flow back in the bottle and seal it again for later use. How To Use: Feeder smart-switch: Gently push up and down the smart switch to open the lock. It only requires a one-hand operation! Access food: Simply rotate the food container at the base. Shipping Guide: Due to high demand, please allow between 8-20 days for shipping. However, our customer service team will keep you updated via email on your package and we will send you your tracking number when that becomes available. You can visit our 'track your order' page to constantly check up on your package!   30-DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE ✅ Buy with complete confidence! If you purchase one of our products and either do not like it, can't find a way to install it, or find it defective in any manner, simply return it and send it back for a full refund.
Portable Dog Safety Gate Portable Dog Safety Gate
Portable Dog Safety Gate from £16.95 £27.99
This Dog Safety Gate can be installed anywhere, including doorways, between walls, in stairwells, indoors and even outdoors. Create a safe, private space for you or your pets quickly and easily.  This pet safety enclosure is made from woven nylon mesh and features two stretchable poles and four sticky hooks. No tools required for installation! Easy to store when not in use, this gate takes up minimal space and blends in perfectly with your home decor with its simple, yet classy design.   This safe gate is the easiest and most discrete way to protect pets all around the house. It's recommended for small and large pets and it can be moved from one place to another in the house when needed. When not in use, the gate takes minimal space and blends perfectly to your home and decor, with a simple, but elegant design.
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Pet Shower Head/Massage Brush Pet Shower Head/Massage Brush
Pet Shower Head/Massage Brush £22.95 £34.99
A creative multi-functional pet shower bathing tool, combines bath and massage. It makes your pet bathing enjoyable, helps clean pet's skin and hair thoroughly. PETSHO™ helps pet owners groom their pets with an easy to use one-hand operation which saves time, water and also helps in reducing stress.  It also has a 3-in-1 feature which includes the shower head (for spraying water), the grooming brush and the massager. With a sleek oval design, this pet grooming tool is made with international standard silicone and plastic, environmentally friendly materials. The brush is equipped with 15 conical massaging spikes which serve in grooming your pet and can also help pets who have skin problems. The material of the brush is soft yet firm, producing a comfortable feeling and nice massage effect on the pet’s skin. The on-off switch helps in controlling the flow of water, however, using a water temperature that is between 0-45 degrees centigrade is recommended to avoid burning the animal’s skin. It’ll also reduce the incidences of soapy water getting into the eyes of the animals. The Front part of this Shower Head has a Splashproof Protection Cover which prevents water from splashing on sensitive parts such as ears, glasses, and nose. The Universal Standard Hose Port Design makes it easy to install this Shower Head with the water pipes directly. So you don't need any extra accessory. Features: Spiked massage head design to comb hair, give pets a full massage and promote blood circulation With on/off switch can control the water flow Full coverage spray to clean your cats, dogs, and other pet's skin and keep the hair tidy Has connector for shower hose (not included), suitable for both indoor & outdoor use, such as bathroom, garden Great choice for your puppy and other pets, also good gifts for your friends who have pets High-Quality ABS Plastic material Package Contents: 
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Pet massage-cleaning comb Pet massage-cleaning comb
Pet massage-cleaning comb £14.99 £19.99
  MASSAGE & GROOMING PLEASURE FOR YOUR CAT! We all know how some pets are way too hard to comb and we don't want them to miss out on the health benefits that comes with combing their fur. Unlike any other pet comb, CATMAS™ is designed look like it's a part of your hand. With this, you can massage and groom your pets at the same time!   CATMAS™ is made from Eco-friendly materials providing a very soft and gentle touch for your pets. It doesn't need battery to work. It is designed to look like it's a part of your hand, and will help you remove excess dirt, unwanted hair and debris from your cat's hair. This is safe for all kinds of pets. It can be used on small and large cats and even on dogs! Designed to massage and groom at the same time, your fun-loving pets will be begging for you to comb them.   Features: Makes your pet's hair beautiful and shiny. Improves the circulation of the pet's blood. Gives a comfortable massage experience. Eco-Friendly Plastic which provides a very gentle & soft touch for pets. Keeps your furniture & floor without pet hair, keeps you and your family safe and healthy, and keeps you hair allergy-FREE. Massages your pet's head, back, abdomen, and legs. Safe for all pets, it can be used on small & large cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, and other fun-loving pets!   Specifications: Colours: Green, Blue, Pink Material: ABS Size: 10cm x 9cm Thickness: 1,5cm Package Includes: 1 x Pet Massage Comb   🐈Cats are losing their minds over our CATMAS™🐈
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Pet Hair Removing Roller Pet Hair Removing Roller
Pet Hair Removing Roller £18.49 £49.99
 This is the last pet hair remover roller you will ever buy! It will last you forever! STOP wasting money on lint rollers! STOP lifting your heavy and noisy vacuum cleaner! STOP using things that don't work! If you have a dog or cat, or any other pet that sheds its fur, then you'll know all about the fur or hair that gets left behind. Our magic Two-Way Reusable Pet Fur Remover will make the horrible task of cleaning fur and lint, a total breeze. The Two-way motion will pick up any type of fur many times faster than a traditional lint brush ever would. Check it out in action! Simply move with a fast forward and backward motion and it will pick up all the hair, lint and dust. Open up the storage compartment and toss what's collected in the trash!   BENEFITS  🐾 EASY-TO-USE & EASY TO EMPTY- Removing unwanted pet fur, hair or lint from your clothes, furniture, upholstery, car seats, and carpet has never been more efficient. 🐾 COST-EFFECTIVE- Never buy a lint roller or replacement rolls ever again!  🐾 REUSABLE WITH TWO WAY MOTION - Reusable, gentle & economic design – the effective Two-way roller gently removes pet fur and lint without harming your clothes and furniture. Our Pet Lint Remover is the perfect Hair remover that you can use wherever you go.  🐾 PORTABLE, LIGHT AND DURABLE- Take it anywhere you go! This will last you forever guaranteed or your money back!     Watch how fast and incredible it works: >> NOT Sold in Pet Stores! << Click 'BUY IT NOW!' to get yours.
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Pet Comb Pet Comb
Pet Comb £39.95 £69.99
 Are you looking to remove unwanted hair from your dog?  Our pet comb lets you comb your pet while removing loose and shedding hair. The comb will help keep your home hair-free and your cat and dog happy! Key Benefits :  Our pet comb removes loose and shedding hair. Soft on your pet's skin, so they won't mind you brushing their hair away. Helps to keep your home pet hair-free. Removable comb for easy cleaning. Various sizes for small and large pets. Multiple sizes are available to suit all sizes of doggo.  
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New Double Layer Larger Size Cat Litter Mat New Double Layer Larger Size Cat Litter Mat
New Double Layer Larger Size Cat Litter Mat £18.99 £40.99
Keep your floor clean and track KITTY LITTER in all homes with the creative TRAP LITTER MATTM!     When you have a cat, you know how annoying it is when you use the bathroom to drag the trash onto the floor. Although you like precious kittens, cleaning up their scattered trash can be a real pain. ★Catches 100% garbage Honeycomb's mats accommodate tiny pieces between layers that automatically capture debris as the cat comes out of the litter box. Each size mat supports all types of cat litter, including clay, crystal, corn, bush, wheat and granules!   That's why we made  Trap Litter MatTM in  front of their trash cans and captured all the tiny particles before they had a chance to bounce on the floor or get stuck in your socks or bare feet. ★  cat friendly     Heavy duty EVA rubber foam is safe, non-toxic and completely pet friendly. And because its small feet are durable and soft, the smooth, comfortable surface will make it easier for your furry friends to get in and out of their boxes. ★  Recycle garbage and save $$     This litter mat has a "honeycomb" top layer that allows the mat to slide through the hole and capture it on the sturdy rubber bottom. To empty it, simply separate either end of the two layers so that the debris falls into the trash can or is quickly re-used in the trash can, with little clutter. ★  Easy to clean     These rectangular litter mats are bulky to prevent litter from tracking or scattering on the floor, minimising bacterial spread and maximising cleanliness.     The pad is completely waterproof in the event of an accident, capturing debris between the two layers of rubber, keeping the house clean and effectively working with all types of cat litter!     When you receive the mat, it may have a new rubbery smell; let the air flow out for a few days to eliminate it. The waterproof track pad is made of soft EVA foam rubber and is easy to clean with soap and water. Allow the air to dry and avoid direct sunlight to protect the material. ★  100% waterproof     The bottom layer is waterproof and does not allow any liquid to pass through. Protect your hardwood floors and carpets from objectionable urine stains. It is recommended to clean with tap water on a regular basis. The package includes: 1 x  Trap Litter Mat™
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ASEOK 2018 Pet Automatic Water Spray Bath Gloves,Newest Pet Bathing Tool, Dog Shower Sprayer Scrubber Grooming Glove with 4 Faucet Adapters for Dog Cat Horse Indoor Outdoor Use ASEOK 2018 Pet Automatic Water Spray Bath Gloves,Newest Pet Bathing Tool, Dog Shower Sprayer Scrubber Grooming Glove with 4 Faucet Adapters for Dog Cat Horse Indoor Outdoor Use
Multi-Functional Pet Bathing Glove £21.99 £42.98
Give your dogs a spa experience every bath time with this Multi-functional Pet Bathing Tool.  This tool combines a sprayer and a scrubber which allows you to massage your pets while grooming them. Bathing and massage are hard to resist so your pets will surely enjoy bath time even more. Key Benefits:  This pet bathing tool combines bath brush and water sprayer, making it easy to wash your lovely pets. The water will penetrate deeply into the pet dog hair and the glove will clean it at the same time.  Made of high-quality ABS material and silicone. Unique bristles provide deep clean for your long or short-haired dogs and penetrate near the skin giving a gentle massage effect. Perfect water pressure and soft brush will give pets a deep clean feeling.

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