Best Remote Control Monster Truck 4WD RC Off-Road Truck 1:12 Scale

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Looking for a High-Quality Remote Control 4WD RC Monster Truck? Then you have to buy this!!

Enjoy fantastic, endless entertainment with our Remote Control Monster Truck.

Create fun moments with family and friends with our Remote Control RC Toy.

Superior OFF-Road Capabilities!

 This RC Truck is equipped with 4 wheel drive, this means the front and rear dual motors output powerful torque to maneuver on any surface whether it's smooth or rocky, or rough!

 Realistic Detailed Design! 

When it comes to RC trucks and cars usually it's hard to find one that has a great design but with this, you get the best of both worlds, this will have you or your child feeling like you want the real vehicle!

2.4GHz Radio Transmitter!

This new ergonomic style of technology within RC cars is easy to operate and gives tremendous value for money, it also manifests a stable signal of 2.4GHz which allows you to control the RC truck/car for up to 50m!

The speed is up to 40 km/h, which is the best choice for any level.



 Independent Suspension System!

Our RC Crawler comes with four suspension springs to prevent any damages caused by crashes and vibrations. Allowing better protection for the electronic components inside the Remote Controlled Truck/Car.


High-capacity Rechargeable Battery! 

Equipped with a powerful rechargeable 7.2V 2000mAh battery

-Non-slip tire, Easy to a variety of terrain, sand driving, beach, grassland driving.
-Independent four-wheel shock absorbers absorb shocks caused by bumpy road surfaces.
-Big twist angle, tire rotation has more perspective, a substantial angle, you can easily cope with all kinds of road sections.
-2.4G remote control.
-Super climbing, powerful four-wheel drive engine, can tackle the steepest of hills.
Package Includes:
1 x Rock Crawler 4WD
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Battery Pack
1 x Charging Cable

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