180-Degree Rotatable USB Hub

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What’s the one thing about your laptop that drives you nuts?

Is it the lack of USB ports?

That’s our pet peeve too! But we found the solution.

This USB Hub has 3 USB ports, provides low operating temperatures, and rotates so you can turn the ports any way you want them.

It’s pretty awesome, actually.

Check out these amazing features.

  • This USB Hub rotates up to 180-degrees. Need the ports to move a little to the left? A little to the right? You’ve got it!
  • Low-temp. Don’t worry about voltage overload or shorting out your circuits. This Hub operates at low temperatures so that won’t happen.
  • Compact and portable. Do you use your laptop at school? The coffee shop? This USB Hub is small and lightweight. Take it wherever you go.
  • Works across systems. Worried it won’t work with Mac or Windows? Don’t be. This USB Hub works with any system you’ve got, even Linux.
  • High-speed. There’s nothing worse than waiting for things to download. Or upload. That’s why our Hub supports data transfer up to 480Mbps.

Tired of always being short a USB port? Well stop it. There’s no reason to go without.

3 extra USB ports are more than enough to support the devices you carry around with you.

Need more than 3? All right, so order an extra Hub. It won’t hurt anything, and you’ll never have to worry.

Get this USB Hub today and save yourself tomorrow’s aggravation.

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