Pet Shower Head/Massage Brush

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A creative multi-functional pet shower bathing tool, combines bath and massage. It makes your pet bathing enjoyable, helps clean pet's skin and hair thoroughly.

PETSHO™ helps pet owners groom their pets with an easy to use one-hand operation which saves time, water and also helps in reducing stress. 

It also has a 3-in-1 feature which includes the shower head (for spraying water), the grooming brush and the massager. With a sleek oval design, this pet grooming tool is made with international standard silicone and plastic, environmentally friendly materials.

The brush is equipped with 15 conical massaging spikes which serve in grooming your pet and can also help pets who have skin problems. The material of the brush is soft yet firm, producing a comfortable feeling and nice massage effect on the pet’s skin.

The on-off switch helps in controlling the flow of water, however, using a water temperature that is between 0-45 degrees centigrade is recommended to avoid burning the animal’s skin. It’ll also reduce the incidences of soapy water getting into the eyes of the animals.

The Front part of this Shower Head has a Splashproof Protection Cover which prevents water from splashing on sensitive parts such as ears, glasses, and nose.

The Universal Standard Hose Port Design makes it easy to install this Shower Head with the water pipes directly. So you don't need any extra accessory.


  • Spiked massage head design to comb hair, give pets a full massage and promote blood circulation
  • With on/off switch can control the water flow
  • Full coverage spray to clean your cats, dogs, and other pet's skin and keep the hair tidy
  • Has connector for shower hose (not included), suitable for both indoor & outdoor use, such as bathroom, garden
  • Great choice for your puppy and other pets, also good gifts for your friends who have pets
  • High-Quality ABS Plastic material

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