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  • HD Image - Car Camera 1920x1080p high-speed video recording captures fast-moving scenes , 【Plus: Upgraded 720P Rear Cam】 and the car camera provides insurance claims to prevent disputes. The 4-inch large screen displays live images, helps you clearly see every details when playing back and brings better visual experience.
  • Dash cam has the following functions: G sensor, night mode, motion detection, parking monitoring, loop recording, WDR, audio on/off, time stamp, etc. The dashboard cam versatile brings you a wonderful and safe driving experience.
  • Car camera with dual-lens camera provides double protection for your safety. The 170° wide-angle front camera easily covers 4 channels without visual blind spots, while the 120° waterproof rear camera monitors the rear road conditions of your vehicle to ensure your driving safety.
  • When the built-in G-SENSOR sensor detects a vehicle collision, the current video is automatically locked and saved to prevent the video from being overwritten during loop recording,The scene of the accident can be truly restored. For a safe driving experience.

Warm Tips:

1. Please insert the Micro SD card and format it before recording. We recommend using a brand-name Micro SD card with a minimum of 4GB and a maximum of 32GB.( 32GB SD CARD NOT INCLUDED)

2. Built-in battery for small capacity battery is only used to save important files in the event of a traffic accident, you need to plug in the car charger when using.

3. When you insert the rear camera cable of the dash cam, the picture taken by the rear camera will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. (as shown in the main image)

4. When installing the front windshield bracket of the car, wipe the dust on the windshield and the bracket suction cup to ensure stable installation of the dash cam.(Note : Please remove the screen protector and lens protection film of the dash camera before use, so that the picture you recorded will be clearer and the field of view will be brighter.)

5. The red cable included with the rear camera is the reverse gear connection cable. When you need to provide a reversing image, you can choose to connect the red cable. When you drive, the camera before and after the dash cam will be recorded at the same time.The recorded images will be saved in different folders (Note: If you need to install a red cable, please ask a professional to install)


LCD display: 4.0 inch IPS screenP
IXEL : 1.3 million pixelsF
RONT LENS : The front camera is equipped with a 170° HD wide-angle lens.
LENS APERTURE : F2.0 apertureV
CYCLE RECORDING : 1 minute / 3 minutes / 5 minutes / offP
TORAGE: Supports up to 32GB Micro SD card

【Loop Recording】

24 hour loop recording, creating video files without interruption, automatically overwriting the oldest files to save the current file.Infinite loop recording, never miss any moment. 

【WDR Technology】

WDR function can balance the strong light in day and low-light in night to provide you more safer situation and it needs to be used with car headlamp to ensure excellent performance when driving at night


When the built-in G-SENSOR sensor detects a vehicle collision, the current video is automatically locked and saved to prevent the video from being overwritten during the loop recording process, and the accident scene can be truly restored.

【Motion Detection】

With built-in motion detection, the dash cam can start recording automatically in standby mode when there is a movement in front of the lens, which can protect your car and save the evidence even if you are not in the car.

【Adapt to temperature】

Prompt:Car camera operating temperature range is ( -13°F~~158°F ) 

【How To Set Up The Rear Camera】

170° waterproof rear camera, when you connect the rear camera cable, the picture taken by the rear camera will appear in the upper right corner of the dash camera (as shown in the red box).The red cable of the rear camera belongs to The car reverse gear cable.(No need to install)

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