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Self-Warming...Surely not?! Impossible!

Yes! It's not impossible, as we present the Self-Warming Lounger™

The self-warming dog bed works by incorporating a layer of insulating material into the cushion of the bed. This material works by reflecting body heat that is emitted from your dog’s body back to them to keep them warm! 

✓ Improved circulation -  promotes healing of injuries in dogs as nutrients are delivered to the body much more quickly.

✓ Stable body temperature - for dogs that are recovering from being in a neglected physical condition and young pups.

✓ Soothing experience - promoting muscle relaxation and an all-round inducing sleep.

✓ Added warmth - in cooler climates or simply during winter time without the need for dangerous power outlets and cords.

✓ Increased warmth without any danger - burns that can result from the use of electrically heated pet beds.

✓ Warmer joints mean more flexible joints - less stiffness during colder weather.

Size Guide:

Does Your Dog Need This Bed?

Not every dog needs a self-warming lounger, so how do you know if your dog needs one? In our experience, this type of bed is best suited to dogs that…


  • Suffer from arthritis or otherwise aching joints.
  • Live in colder climates.
  • Experience severe separation anxiety.
  • Are often chilled due to having hair loss, a thin coat, low body weight, thyroid conditions, being older, or being ill and unable to properly regulate their body temperature, particularly in winter or colder climates. 

The Self-warming Lounger is not the same as a heated dog bed. Heated dog beds, or heating dog pads, require a power outlet to reach and maintain the desired temperature, a self-warming dog bed uses no power cord or external source of heat. Efficiency at its finest! 

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