Smart Baby Swing & Bluetooth Toddler Rocking Chair

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Not being able to calm a baby down is very frustrating.

Understanding a baby takes more than just time and effort. It's knowing babies frustrate themselves when put in new environments. This is the hardest time for a little one as they are still trying to adjust to life outside of their mother’s womb. A Baby Swing Toddler Rocking Chair can be an awesome way to help them through this time.

Newborns are also great sleepers, they are known to sleep very well in swings which help them grow. The worst part is when there are things that need to get done around the house and there is also a crying baby who really needs to sleep. 

This is when Smart Baby Swing comes in play, making parenting a baby much easier and less tiring. Your baby will find a pleasant sleeping experience and you, a convenient parenting friend.

Smart Baby Swing BENEFITS:

  • Mum's arms are not tired
  • Stress-Free - Free up your hands from rocking your baby especially when they are too tired, need some rest, or need to do other things. 
  • Designed for Baby's Comfort - The seat is comfy and designed to contour to your baby's back. With scientifically 170° tilt that imitates the angle from mother's arms and protects your baby's spine, this also helps prevent colics due that the swinging movement helps settle the baby’s stomach.
  • Safety Guaranteed - The safety belt protection keeps the baby from falling. The seat is comfy and just like a natural mother’s embrace. 
  • Multiple Rocking Options - Smart Baby Swing can swing at different speeds depending on the baby’s linking. Operate it from anywhere with Bluetooth or using the remote control.
  • Intelligent Swing Induction - Automatically stop swinging when the baby falls asleep and starts swinging when the baby wakes up.
  • Music to Soothe - With built-in lullabies and white noise to soothe your baby while sleeping. It can also be connected to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor - Can be powered through AC power cable or with batteries.


   1x Rocky - Smart Baby Swing & Bluetooth Rocker
   1x Mosquito Net
   1x Remote Control
   1x Power Cord

  1. Why the product cost is high. I can get a second-hand for less money?
  • There is always the option of finding one second-hand, but that comes with its own risk. Buying a used swing could be dangerous, as the history of it is unknown. The machine could be faulty or there could have been a recall on it that you are not aware of.

       2. What's the baby age range when using the Smart Baby Swing?

  • Can be used from newborns for up to 4 years old.

       3. How much energy does it consume daily?

  • The Smart Baby Swing comes with a power cord and batteries so you can use both depending on the situation. This makes it awesome because you can always carry the Smart Baby Swing anywhere. 

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